Procedures To Obtain A New Or Renewed CCW Permit:

The California Department of Justice, Bureau of Firearms STANDARD INITIAL AND RENEWAL APPLICATION FOR LICENSE TO CARRY A CONCEALED WEAPON shall be completed by each initial applicant and applicants for renewal. Please read all of the application instructions carefully prior to completing this document. In responding to section #7, (page 13) “Details of reason for applicant desiring a CCW License…” provide as much information as possible to substantiate your need for a CCW permit. Personal convenience, personal protection, position or job classification, may constitute sufficient cause, but final determination of issuance will be made after the completion of a comprehensive background investigation. The application must be accurate and complete. Applications that are not legible, comprehensible, or complete will be rejected.

Prior to completing the application, be informed that per California Penal Code Section 26180, “Any person who files an application…knowing the statements contained therein are false is guilty of a misdemeanor.” It further states: “Any person who knowingly makes a false statement on the application regarding any of the following shall be guilty of a felony:

1) The denial or revocation of a license, or the denial of an amendment to a license, issued pursuant to this article.
2) A criminal conviction
3) A finding of not guilty by reason of insanity
4) The use of a controlled substance
5) A dishonorable discharge from military service
6) A commitment to a mental institution
7) A renunciation of United States citizenship

BACKGROUND PROCESS: After completing in writing the Standard Initial and Renewal Application for License to Carry a Concealed Weapon, the applicant must contact the Professional Standards Division, at the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office, to begin the Background Process (Ph. (831) 755-3829). The completed “Standard Initial and Renewal Application for License to Carry a Concealed Weapon” will be submitted when the applicant appears for the scheduled fingerprint appointment. Applicants should also be prepared to pay $133.00 in initial fees during this appointment. The complete Background Process will consist of the following:

 Fingerprinting/Background Review: The applicant will submit their Application for review when the applicant appears for fingerprinting at the Sheriff’s Office. The applicant is required to pay the initial fees, as identified on the Fee Schedule, at the time of fingerprinting.

 Personal Interview: The Personal Interview will be conducted by a member of the Sheriff’s Professional Standards Division. The applicant may be required to submit to a Truth Verification examination.

 Background Investigation: The background investigation will include a home visit, contact with employers, co-workers and neighbors as well as any other persons of interest. The fact that an applicant is applying for a CCW is not confidential and may be divulged during such contacts.

 Psychological Assessment: A Psychological Assessment will be administered by Law Enforcement Psychological Services. The applicant will be given appointment information after successfully completing the Personal Interview. Applicants are responsible for paying the $150.00 fee to Law Enforcement Psychological Services at the time of their appointment. Results of the assessment will be sent to the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office.

 Medical Evaluation: The Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to determine medical fitness if necessary.

NOTE: The application process may be terminated at any time if disqualifying information is discovered.

CCW PERMIT RENEWAL: The standard Carry Concealed Weapon Permit is valid for two years. Prior to the expiration date, the applicant must contact the Professional Standards Division, at the Monterey County Sheriff’s
Office, to begin the Renewal Process (Ph. (831) 755-3829). The request for renewal will be evaluated and a Background Review and Investigation will be conducted (see above). The completed “Standard Initial and Renewal Application for License to Carry a Concealed Weapon” will be submitted when the applicant appears for the scheduled background interview; applicable renewal fees will also be due at this time. Psychological Assessments will only be required if there is compelling evidence which indicates a test is necessary. The Sheriff will make the final determination for all permit renewals.

FIREARMS QUALIFICATION: If, based on the Background Investigation results, the applicant is determined to be a viable candidate for a CCW permit, the applicant will be required to complete and pay for an approved firearms use/safety training class, as required by law. The law requires that all applicants, as well as renewals, complete this training. The Sheriff’s Office may refer applicants to a class that satisfies this requirement. In some cases the applicant may have completed this requirement prior to the Background Investigation; this is acceptable if the course was completed within the year prior to the initial application or renewal date. A certificate of completion
from the approved firearms use/safety course must be presented.

APPROVAL/DENIAL OF REQUEST: The completed Background Investigation will be referred to the Sheriff for review. The Sheriff will make the final determination regarding issuance of a CCW permit.

All applicants will be notified of the disposition of their application by mail. The DOJ application fee, Live Scan fee, and County fee, as well as the psychological and required training fees, are not refundable.

It may take (90) days, from the interview date, to complete the processing of the CCW application. Your patience is appreciated during this period of time.

Completion of the application does not mean you will be issued a CCW Permit. If the permit is issued, it may be subject to reasonable limitations and restrictions, and will be valid only if used in compliance with those noted limitations and restrictions.

Possession of a CCW Permit is a privilege, not a right, and as such the Monterey County Sheriff and/or the State Attorney General’s Office reserve the absolute right to revoke the permit if it is deemed, in their sole discretion, that such revocation is necessary or appropriate.

Applicants should also be cognizant of the fact that a CCW Permit issued in the state of California is not valid in all other states. Applicants should familiarize themselves with the laws related to carrying a concealed weapon, including but not limited to Sections 26150-26225, 27235, 25400 and 25850 of the California Penal Code and Section 2006 of the California Fish and Game Code.

State law mandates that some of the information on file pertaining to CCW Permits is public information, and as such is subject to release upon request from the public. The applicant’s name, city of residence, and the stated purpose for the CCW Permit is public information and may be released on demand.

The possession of a CCW Permit does not exempt any individual from criminal prosecution or civil liability, other than the act of carrying the specific firearm within the state of California.

Carrying a concealed firearm by authority of a CCW Permit is not authorized when:

1) Attending social or public functions except when a specific need can be articulated.
2) Being under the influence of alcohol and/or medication.
3) Present in any area where weapons are prohibited, including but not limited to, the boarding area of or on board a commercial airline.
4) Acting as, or conducting business as, a private security officer.

The issuance of a Carry Concealed Weapon Permit does not excuse or justify any behavior which might otherwise be a violation of any other law pertaining to weapons.

If you require additional information pertaining to the application process, please contact our Office.