Applicants for a Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) permit are welcome to be evaluated by any Psychologist licensed in the State of California. The Sheriff’s office currently uses Psychological Services Inc, based in Los Gatos, for its CCW psychological screening. This can also be utilized as an appeal to a submitted psychological examination for CCW.

For other licensed Psychologist to submit a psychological opinion on a CCW applicant, the following shall be required:

1. Letter shall be on official letterhead from Psychologist rendering the opinion.
2. Letter shall include:

a. Typed name of Psychologist and License Number.
b. Signature of Licensed Psychologist
c. Name of CCW Applicant
d. Date of the Psychological Assessment
e. A determination of psychological suitability for issuance of a CCW. This is a PASS or FAIL determination.

Sample Letter (must be on official letterhead)

The above named individual was administered a battery of psychological tests and personal history questionnaires, and was individually interviewed by the licensed psychologists submitting the report.

This assessment should be considered as only one aspect in the CCW licensing process. The final decision would be made by the agency after careful consideration of data from all aspects of the screening procedure, including the background investigation and polygraph (if administered).

This recommendation applies to the CCW application for which the individual was assessed, and is only considered valid for use in certification decision for one year after the date of the interview.


The integration of psychological test, personal history and interview information indicates the candidate meets the psychological standards required by California Penal Code 12050 et. Seq., and applicable County requirements. The applicant is a psychological PASS/FAIL for the position in question.