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Civil Division falls under our Administration Bureau which provides direct support to the Custody and Enforcement Operations Bureaus. The Administration Bureau has several other Divisions: Fiscal Division, Records Division, Workers’ Comp/Human Resources and Forensic Services.

The Monterey County Sheriff’s Civil Unit is responsible for serving legal documents upon individuals and businesses in Monterey County. The unit enforces court-ordered money judgments via levies upon wages, bank accounts, and real and personal property. The unit also enforces court-ordered evictions and serves civil bench warrants.

The Civil unit is located at 1414 Natividad Road Salinas. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Telephone assistance is available Monday through Friday during the same business hours, at (831) 755-3712.

For the Sheriff to serve your documents, we require that the service be mailed or hand-delivered with both of the following:

  • Original (not faxed) Service Instruction Form signed by the plaintiff/litigant or their attorney. Levy Service Instruction form, if needed.
  • Proper Fees paid (see below)
  • Answers to Common Questions

The address to send/deliver these to is:

Monterey County Sheriff, Civil Division
1414 Natividad Road
Salinas, California 93906

Open Monday – Friday 8:00am -5:00pm/closed Noon-1:00pm

All forms, guidelines and fees are primarily set by the legislature and written into California codes. The Civil Unit is prohibited by law from providing any legal advice and suggests you contact an attorney for any legal questions.

Many types of services require one or more additional copies. Evictions, Writs of Attachment and certain other types of Levies require separate or additional instructions. Please contact our office for further information by calling (831) 755-3712.

MCSO Civil Unit Fees as of January 1, 2015

For the Sheriff’s Office to serve your documents, we require that the service requested be mailed or hand-delivered with proper fees and original instructions (not faxed) signed by the plaintiff/litigant or their attorney. Many types of services require one or more additional copies. Please contact our office for further information.

Civil Unit Fees for Service
The State Government Code determines the fees that the Sheriff shall charge and collect
Service, Execution of Process or Notices$40.00
Summons & Complaint$40.00
Levy (Bank, Third PArty, etc.)$40.00
Earnings Withholding Order (Wage Garnishment)$35.00
Writ of Possession of Real Property (Eviction)$145.00
Till Tap$100.00
Warrant of Attachment (GC 26744) / Bench Warrant (CCP 491.160, 708.170)$140.00 / $50.00
Keeper Levy, 8 Hours (or less/not to exceed 8 hours)$240.00
Keeper Levy, 8-12 Hours (not to exceed in any 24-hour period)$400.00
Vehicle Levy +$2,000.00
Real Property Levy +$1,200.00
Photocopy Fee (per page)$1.00
Temporary Restraining Order (Domestic Violence)No Charge

+ Minimum required deposit-Additional cost might increase deposit.

Under the California Government Code 26746:
“In addition to any other fees required by law, a processing fee of twelve dollars ($12.00) shall be assessed for each disbursement of money collected under a writ of attachment, execution, possession, or sale, but excluding any action by the district attorney’s office for the establishment or enforcement of a child support obligation. The fee shall be collected from the judgment debtor…”

Government Code 26736:
“The fee for cancellation of the service or execution of any process or notice prior to its completion shall be forty dollars ($40.00)…”