The mission of the Sheriff’s RADIO COMMUNICATIONS SUPPORT TEAM is to provide a communications support for planned, and unplanned, special, and emergency events.

We set up local communications networks to support specific events or emergencies, including, but not limited to voice, data, video, and long range networking of remote systems to command post or dispatch facilities.

We provide technical support and training for the planning, and execution, of planned, and unplanned events.

We maintain the communications equipment in the Sheriff’s Office mobile command post vehicles; and, all emergency communications equipment owned by the Sheriff’s Office. We operate a variety of very specialized equipment to support our mission.

HIVE Net P-25 Conventional Votescan Transportable Land Mobile Radio System

Codan UHF Single Site Stealth Repeater

Collcomm Quicklinx M Two-Way Radio Interoperability Gateway—tactical-dispatch-systems.html

ViaSat Surfbeam Pro-Portable 2 Satellite based portable high speed data terminal

Satellite Telephones

Wilburt Ranger Transportable Mast System

Broadband Global Access Network portable terminal (BGAN)

Satellite Based Two-Way radio system

Our job is not glamorous, in fact if things work correctly you may never even notice we are present at an event or incident. We enable the other special units at the Sheriff’s Office to communicate efficiently, so they can do their job. We also provide communications support to other public safety agencies. We are a relatively new team, we started in spring of 2013. As we continue to train and operate we look forward to many exciting and challenging opportunities.

We participate in a variety of training and exercises and we are one of the founding members of the County Wide Mobile Communications Task Force.

The Monterey County Sheriff’s Radio Communications Support Team would like to offer our thanks to the Many People and Agencies who have helped us form our team.

A special thanks to

  • Captain Sam Klemek, Salinas Fire Dept
  • Mr. Chuck Brooks, County I.T. Radio Shop
  • Lieutenant Robert Klemek, Monterey Fire Dept
  • Mr. Bob Young of Dover Telecommunications
  • Mr. Tom Dover of Dover Telecommunications
  • Mr. Brian Steckler Naval Post Graduate School

A few pictures of our team at work and in training.

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