Monterey County Sheriff’s Office Policy Manual

This manual is a reflection of the core values and ethics for the Monterey
CountySheriff’s Office. As you read through it, please remember that an organization is
only as good as its employees. The rules and regulations contained herein have been
developed over time and are anchored in tradition and law.
Law enforcement agencies throughout this nation have similar policies and procedures
manuals. This manual, however, is unique to the Monterey CountySheriff’s Office in that
it provides us with sound operating principles by which to do our jobs. Please refer to
it periodically and consider the manual as a tool, just as the tools on your belt that are
needed in the course of doing your job.
Throughout your career with this Organization, there will be many times when you will
need to refer to this document. Stay abreast of changes and updates. Be informed and
inform your colleagues of changes. Above all, understand and know what the rules are
and follow them.
Remember, we are a nation of laws, and an office of laws and policies. In order for us to
do our job, with respect to serving and protecting our communities, we are and must be
held to a higher standard. We have the most sacred of all trusts in our possession, that
being the trust of the public. Adhering to the policies and procedures in this manual will
help to ensure that trust is never violated.

Sheriff Stephen Bernal

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