On 03/11/16, at approximately 5:00 pm, deputies received a 911 call from residents who reported hearing a loud explosion in the area of Smith Road, Bradley, CA, Residents reported seeing smoke, and believed a home was on fire. An Investigation revealed the resident of the 20 acre rural property blew up a shed purposely, by shooting 10 pounds of commercially purchased exploding targets placed within the building.

On 03/12/16, at approximately 1000 am, the Sheriff’s Office bomb squad arrived at the property, to conduct a follow-up investigation and search. The bomb squad located 20 additional pounds of explosives in the form of exploding target mixtures. The resident explained he has used 1/2 pound of exploding target as designed in the past and thought it would work to demolish a shed he planned to take down.

We would like to clarify the use of the exploding targets in California. The binary mixture is shipped and sold, legally under federal law, anywhere in California. However, once the two ingredients are combined by you, it becomes a prohibited explosive under more restrictive California law. The possession and use are strictly prohibited.