The Fiscal Division supports the Sheriff with fiscal monitoring responsibilities to assist him in management of the administrative and financial matters of the Sheriff’s Office. The Finance Manager, a professional staff position, directs the Fiscal Division. This Division manages budgets, payroll and the processing of personnel related information, accounts payables and receivables, program billings, permits, alarms, special funds and grants. The Fiscal Division processes the purchasing of all items needed by the Sheriff’s Office and administers the fiscal responsibilities of the Inmate Welfare Fund for the Custody Operations Bureau.

The Fiscal Division is responsible for the following:

Payroll: Payroll staff is responsible for processing data into the county’s payroll system and, therefore, ensuring each Sheriff’s Office employee receives accurate bi-weekly pay. The payroll unit assists Sheriff’s Office staff with emergency overtime data and other salary and benefits reports that are integral to control personnel costs.

Purchasing: Purchasing staff coordinates the acquisition of goods and services required by Sheriff’s Office personnel to provide public safety services.

Accounts Payable: Accounts Payable staff ensures the prompt payment for services and supplies acquired by the Sheriff’s Office by following all general accounting and Monterey County government requirements. County of Monterey Contracts/Purchasing Department New Vendor Registration Form

Accounts Receivables: Accounts Receivable staff ensures the Sheriff’s Office collects all revenues for services provided and makes deposits at the County Treasurer’s Office, including State of California allocations. An important function of this unit is to process all billings for services provided, such as bookings and supplemental law enforcement. Supplemental Law Enforcement Application / Monterey County Ordinance 2.76

Permits: The Sheriff’s Office issues special permits to the public for a series of business activities in the unincorporated areas. Click on the desired permit form below:

Application for Itinerant Vendor’s Permit / Aplicacion Para Permiso De Vendedor Ambulante /  Ord. 7.20
Massage Business Permit Application / Massage Business Permit Renewal / Ord. 11.25
Massage Tech Permit Application / Massage Tech Permit Renewal / Ord. 11.25
Application for Blasting/Explosives Permit
Fortune Telling and Related Practices Application / Fortune Telling and Related Practices Permit Renewal / Ord. 7.16

Alarms: The Sheriff’s Office is required by County Ordinance to charge for alarm permits. The Fiscal Division maintains a database of all alarm permits for the unincorporated area and processes false alarm billings. Click on the link for an Application for New Alarm Permit / Ord. 11.08

Grants Administration: The Fiscal Division manages all of the Sheriff’s Office grants and develops new funding opportunities.

Special and Trust Funds Support: The Fiscal Division maintains the Sheriff’s Office Special Funds, which are designated for restricted purposes by various Government Codes. In addition, fiscal staff also prepares reconciliations for the all funds.

Contracts Management: The Fiscal Division is responsible for processing and tracking all contracts/professional services agreements.

Budget Management and Support: The Fiscal Division assists all Commanders and Professional Staff Managers with their respective budgets, expenditures, revenues and fiscal reporting requirements. Every month Command Staff and Managers receive an update on the Sheriff’s Office year-to-date level of expenditures. In addition, fiscal staff tracks areas in the budget that are critical and essential to provide services. The budget management activities include overtime reports, quarterly budget reports and an on going monitoring of program expenses and revenues. The various budget management and support activities are essential to meet the Sheriff’s Office fiscal responsibilities to the public.