The Monterey County Sheriff’s Office wants to warn the public about an updated version of the Grandson Scam.

The Grandson Scam usually has the caller saying they are the intended victim’s grandson. They have been arrested and need bail money to be wired; usually to an area outside the United States border like Mexico or Canada

In this current instance the caller states they were holding the grandson in a local jail facility due to his being in a vehicle where drugs were found. They noted the jail name as an area in North Monterey County, and asked for the money to be transferred to an account at Leaders Credit Union in the state of Tennessee.

Be alert to being tricked into providing your grandson’s name. The caller will say “Grandma/Grandpa, it’s your grandson.” Your immediate unconscious response is usually to say their name “Jeffrey?” When they respond “Grandma, it’s me Jeffrey” you think you are speaking to your grandson.

Sheriff Steve Bernal would like to remind the public of the following:

  • The only jail facility for Monterey County is the main jail which is located on Natividad Road in Salinas.
  • An arrested person will be allowed to make a call from jail; however a family member would NOT be contacted directly and asked to provide bail monies to a bank account or to have it be wired somewhere. Bail monies would normally be handled via a local Bail Bonds business.
  • Never wire money until you have thoroughly looked into the request; including calling the family member supposedly under arrest and other family members/friends of that person to verify if they have in fact been arrested.
  • If you are unable to verify the information, contact your local law enforcement agency

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