This Division’s primary function is the investigation of major felony criminal cases, as well as cases that may be particularly complex or sensitive. This Division also provides general and specialized support to other law enforcement agencies within the county. A Commander oversees this Division. The Investigations Division is structured as follows:

Homicide/Robbery Unit: The unit consists of two investigative sections.

The Homicide, Robbery and Assault Section investigates homicides, suspicious deaths, deaths within the Custody Operations Bureau, robberies, kidnaps, and serious assaults.

The Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Section investigates domestic violence cases, sexual assaults and reported or suspected physical abuse against the young and the elderly.

Crimes Against Property Unit: The unit investigates crimes against property such as burglary, fraud, grand theft, embezzlement, and other related crimes. This unit also investigates those crimes that may be beyond the resources or expertise of an initiating unit, and may pursue the investigation of cases related to another crime or suspect under investigation.

Agricultural Crimes Unit: This is a new, grant funded unit. Its purpose is to identify and address those crimes that impact the agriculture industry in Monterey County. Working with a Crime Analyst, the detectives will coordinate their efforts with other law enforcement agencies on the Central Coast and in the Central Valley. The unit coordinates with other counties through the Central Coast Regional Ag Task Force, and through the ACTION Project, a federally funded regional agriculture crime prevention group.

Narcotics: The Narcotics Unit’s mission is to investigate and suppress criminal activity involving the manufacture, sale and transportation of illicit drugs, and to initiate asset forfeiture proceedings when appropriate. It also offers general narcotic investigation and specialized support to other agencies within the county. This unit may also target vice crimes as needed. The unit includes these specialized components:

Narcotic Investigations Section: This Section is composed of detectives and a Sergeant assigned to work narcotic and vice-related crimes, and forms the core of the multi-jurisdictional task force with the below units. State and federal narcotics officers may work in conjunction with the Narcotics section..

Narcotics Enforcement Unit of Monterey County (NEUCOM) is a multi-jurisdictional task force attached to the Narcotics Division. It is funded with federal monies administered by the State Office of Emergency Services. The unit’s mission is to investigate and prosecute criminal cases involving narcotics traffickers and dealers. A primary target has been those involved in the manufacture and distribution of methamphetamine. The unit conducts investigations based on criminal information and referrals from law enforcement agencies operating within Monterey County or through self-initiated activities including probation and parole searches.

Marijuana Eradication Section (COMMET): This Section is also funded with federal monies administered through a state grant from the Office of Emergency Services. The main objective of the section is to eradicate marijuana, focusing on both indoor and outdoor grown marijuana. Additional duties include school demonstrations and general public awareness through presentations to the public.

Monterey County Multi-Jurisdictional Methamphetamine Enforcement Team (MCMMETT): This is another new unit, also grant funded by the State Office of Emergency Services. The unit will coordinate its work with three other counties comprising a designated Cal-MMET sub-region. The unit’s focus will be individuals and organizations involved in the manufacture, sale or distribution of significant quantities of methamphetamine..

Report a crime anonymously or otherwise:
You may report a crime or information about a crime, anonymously or otherwise, online. See our Report a Crime page.

Coroner Unit: This unit performs the services required of the elected position of Sheriff and the Sheriff as Coroner.

The Coroner Unit’s responsibility is to investigate all deaths reportable to the Coroner and determine the cause, manner, and circumstances surrounding reportable deaths. The (Sheriff) Coroner is a county-elected officer acting under the authority of provisions of the California Government Code and Health and Safety Code. There are specific laws that define the Coroner’s powers and vest in that person, the right and duty to investigate certain classes of deaths.

Not all deaths are reportable to the Coroner. Reportable deaths fall into 24 categories. Government Code section 27491 and Health and Safety Code section 102850 direct the Coroner to inquire into and determine the circumstances, manner, and cause of any death, which falls into one of these categories. Monterey County, like 42 other counties in California, is a Sheriff-Coroner county that gives the investigator dual powers as a coroner and peace officer. A unit supervisor within the Coroner Unit also chairs the county’s Child Death Review Team.

In any death into which the coroner is to inquire, the coroner may take charge of any and all personal effects, valuables, and property of the deceased at the scene of the death or related to the inquiry and hold or safeguard them until lawful disposition thereof can be made. The Coroner’s Unit makes family death notifications for deaths occurring in Monterey County. When requested by other jurisdictions, coroner personnel will also make death notifications to family members residing in Monterey County for people who have died in other states or other California counties. The Coroner’s Unit may also assist the people of the state, as appropriate, in the implementation of the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act.

There is a combined responsibility of the Coroner Unit and County Public Administrator’s office to ensure that indigents are buried, or by Board of Supervisors resolution in Monterey County, cremated. If estate funds are available for this task, this becomes a Public Administrator duty. If no estate funds are available, the Coroner Unit is responsible to see that this duty is carried out at county expense.