For the first time, the Coastal Station hosted a National Night Out event in Carmel. The venue was located on the State Parks Property known as “Marathon Flats” that is located at the southeast corner of Highway 1 and Rio Road. In addition to a Crime Prevention Information Table with Doris Tejada and Deputy Frank Duenas covering, several MCSO special units were also in attendance:

  • Sgt. Kobayashi, Detective Rahiri and Deputy Mendoza brought out the SWAT equipment truck and Hummvee. All their SWAT gear and equipment were a big hit, as well the big green truck, but the children in attendance really were enthralled with the Hummvee!
  • Sgt. Caldwell and Deputy Smith entertained the attendees with their robot and gear. The big Bomb Truck was also an attention getter.
  • Dive Team Deputies White and Pritchett showed off all their new equipment.
  • The SAR Volunteers Nadene Torres, Serena Bliss and Ann Canright brought out the SAR van (the first time it was at a community event on the peninsula) . SAR K9 Indy was a crowd gatherer as always.
  • NNO was the first community event for the Coastal Station’s newest additions to patrol; K9 Kilo and Deputy Jorge Perez.
  • Sgt. Anderson and Sgt. Wingo were also in attendance to assist. The Sheriff was very busy that night. He came to Carmel after he attended the department’s NNO venue in Castroville. The Memorial Committee was also sharing information in the community on the project.

We also invited several other agencies:

  • Probation Department-Monterey Office personnel who are our courthouse neighbors.
  • Carmel Police Department had told us early on if we had a NNO event they wanted to be a part of it. We also had an engine and paramedic van from the Carmel Fire Department
  • The Rio Road station of Cal Fire Rio Road Station brought out a structural fire engine, wildland fire engine and boat.
  • A State Parks Lifeguard was there with his Zodiac boat.
  • It was quite fitting that one of the first attendees to the event was a police officer visiting from Turin Italy! He had fun taking photo of, and with everyone. We also had several tourists from England.

All the children who attended all had big smiles on their faces as they went from agency to agency having mom and dad take photos of them in front of the SWAT and BOMB trucks, sitting on the fire trucks and trying on turnout gear. We handed out lots of offical National Night Out event trinkets; with the most popular item that night being the finger lights. The adults had just as much fun with them as the children.

by Donna Galletti

National Night Out at Carmel Valley

National Night Out at Castroville