The Patrol Division provides a full range of law enforcement and related emergency response services to a resident population of approximately 110,000 (unincorporated areas) over an area of 3,325 square miles.

The Patrol Division operates out of three stations. The Central Station (Salinas) patrols all of North County, the Salinas Valley south to Gonzales and west, halfway to Monterey. The Coastal Station (Monterey) covers unincorporated areas of the Monterey Peninsula, Carmel Valley and the coastal areas to the San Luis Obispo County line. The South County Station (King City), provides coverage of southern Monterey County from Gonzales south to the San Luis Obispo County line, and west to the ridgeline of the Santa Lucia Mountain Range.

Central Patrol Station:
Based in the Sheriff’s Public Safety Building in Salinas, and supplying coverage over approximately 1,400 square miles, the Central Patrol responsibility is divided into five patrol areas, extending south to the city of Gonzales, west to Marina and north to the county lines adjoining Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties. These patrol areas contain agricultural, industrial, residential, recreational and undeveloped rural areas, including large portions of the former Fort Ord. Community Field Offices (CFO’s) are located in the towns of Castroville, Chualar and Pajaro. This is the largest and busiest patrol station, fielding the most calls for service. It is located at 1414 Natividad Rd. in Salinas.

Coastal Patrol Station:
Based in the Monterey Courthouse, the station covers an area of over 750 square miles, including approximately 100 miles of coastline. The patrol area extends from Marina to the southern edge of the county, south of Gorda on Highway One, and inland to include a part of the Los Padres National Forest, Carmel Valley, and Los Laureles Grade to Laguna Seca on Highway 68. In addition to the day-to-day enforcement duties, the Coastal Station is also responsible for supplemental law enforcement at many special events occurring in Pebble Beach and Carmel Valley. There are Community Field Offices at the Crossroads Shopping Center and Carmel Valley Village. The Coastal Station is located at 1200 Aguajito Rd in Monterey.

Our Crime Prevention Specialist assists the community with crime prevention programs. Crime Prevention Specialists perform a variety of other duties:

  • free home security surveys and training
  • establishing neighborhood-watch programs
  • rural crime prevention
  • gang awareness talks, business security surveys
  • commercial business burglary and loss prevention
  • review of Planning and Environmental Impact Reports for law enforcement related input and crime prevention through environmental design
Donna Galletti can be reached at (831)759-6675 or (831)647-7909 or email her.

Salinas/North County/South County
Unincorporated areas of Salinas, Spreckles, the North County communities of Aromas, Castroville, Las Lomas, Moss Landing, Prunedale, and Pajaro.

Carmel Valley, unincorporated areas of Carmel and the Monterey Peninsula, Pebble Beach, and Big Sur.

South County/Roger Barber Station:
Based in King City, the South County Station patrols the largest geographical area of the stations. This station’s area of responsibility encompasses 55 percent of Monterey County’s area, divided into three patrol beats. The area has a normal population of about 22,000 people, but thanks to recreational attractions such as Lake San Antonio, that number can swell by several times during the summer or holiday periods. Agriculture is the primary economic activity, with row crops, vineyards, and cattle leading the way. The U. S. Army and California National Guard have major installations at Fort Hunter Liggett and Camp Roberts. This area also contains a large portion of the Los Padres National Forest. The station is located at 250 Franciscan Way in King City.

Radio Communications Support Team:
The Radio Communications Support Team provides support for Search and Rescue Team, Hostage Negotiations Team and SWAT missions. The Radio Communications Support Team mobilizes to provide radio and data communications to command posts in remote parts of the county. The Radio Communications Support Team responds to missions ranging from extended searches in the Los Padres National Forest for the rescue of stranded hikers, officer involved shootings in remote areas, to SWAT missions in areas of the county with poor communications and data coverage.
Visit the team’s webpage here

Search and Rescue Team
The Search and Rescue Team provides coverage for Monterey County and responds to Mutual Aid requests by our neighboring counties. The Team is comprised of 13 deputies and about 25 volunteers. Some members of the Team are also assigned to the Dive Unit, a component of the Search and Rescue Team. Search and Rescue Team members are specially trained and equipped for all search and rescue, and recovery operations. Each year, they respond to missions ranging from extended searches in the Los Padres National Forest for the rescue of stranded hikers, to cliff-side rescues of persons who have fallen or driven off the coastal cliffs. They have also been called on to assist in the recovery of deceased persons who may have had accidents in the rugged backcountry, Big Sur area, or diving in the Pacific Ocean or other waterways in the County. Visit their website at for more information.

Mounted Search Unit
A new addition to the Search and Rescue Team is the Mounted Unit. The Mounted Unit consists of two deputies and about 20 volunteers. The Mounted Unit provides horses for rescue missions, body recoveries, parades, and ceremonial functions (color guard). Visit their web site for more information on this Unit.