Professional Standards and Training is overseen by a Sheriff’s Commander and is comprised of the following units:

The Internal Affairs Unit is responsible for conducting internal investigations, prompted either by citizen complaints or by internal concerns. Two Sheriff’s Sergeants are assigned to conduct Internal Investigations.  This Unit also handles Public Records requests and is the custodian of records. This Unit works closely with the Office of County Counsel and also reviews civil matters involving claims and litigation. Citizen Complaint Form with Frequently Asked Questions about Citizen Complaints

Backgrounds: The Background Investigators are responsible for completing background investigations on all Sheriff’s Office personnel. This includes safety personnel, professional staff, temporary staff and volunteers. The background investigation process can be quite lengthy, especially for sworn personnel, who by Government Code Standards must be deemed “of good moral character” to hold a law enforcement position in California. Investigators thoroughly check an applicant’s history by conducting interviews, making home visits and reviewing records from several sources. During this process, they may potentially make contact with references, former employers, schools, and local law enforcement agencies as well as research court records. Every effort is put forth to thoroughly screen all qualified applicants and hire only those who meet Sheriff’s Office standards.

Training: The Training Unit is tasked with the responsibility of providing mandated training for all personnel who work for the Sheriff. In addition to ensuring that mandated training is received the unit is tasked with maintaining necessary equipment.

Much of the training deputies attend is mandated by Peace Officer Standards and Training. POST requires that all deputies attend a minimum of 24 hours of advanced training bi-annually. Of these 24 hours 12 hours must consist of perishable skills training that includes Arrest and Control, Driver Training and Awareness and Tactical Firearms. Additionally, 2 hours of Tactical Communications training is required. It is the Sheriff’s policy that once a new deputy completes his/her Field Training that they be sent to an advanced officer safety school.

Standards and Training in Corrections is the unit within the State Board of Corrections that mandates the training received by deputies assigned to the Custody Bureau. STC requires that deputies receive 24 hours of training annually. Because all sheriff’s deputies are Peace Officers much of the training COB deputies receive through STC is also recognized by POST. This ensures that all our personnel meet the standards under the Continuous Professional Training guidelines.

In addition to the above training, many assignments require additional training that must be completed within certain time parameters. Such assignments could be promotions to sergeant and commander. Additional assignments requiring advanced training are Field Training Officer and Detectives assigned to investigate crimes against children.

The Training Unit also works in conjunction with the Sheriff’s Professional Staff who are not safety personnel, but whose contribution to the overall operation of the Office cannot be overlooked. Much of what Professional Staff personnel deal with is the maintenance and release of public records. Because this area is ever changing, as is the manner of entering data into the many federal and state databases, ongoing training is need in these core areas of law enforcement.