Vehicle Abatement is a legal process used primarily for removing abandoned and neglected vehicles and other items from private property. Vehicles are abated according to County Ordinance 12.72 and under provisions of the California Vehicle Code, including sections 22660 CVC and 22661 CVC.

An abatement action can be taken after a notice is posted on the vehicle and the property owner is mailed a notice of the County’s intent to abate the vehicle, trailer, and boat or vehicle part (s).

Property owners are also subject to being cited for permitting or maintaining a PUBLIC NUISANCE, and may be billed by the County or have a lien placed against their real property for the costs of removal and abatement.

Once vehicles or other items are towed for any reason except abatement, a vehicle may be released. A vehicle release form is needed from the Monterey County Sheriff’s Department. (A release fee of $94.00 applies).

Abated vehicles towed or removed under an abatement process that falls under California Vehicle Code section 22661 CAN NOT be released and will be destroyed by an auto dismantler.