The Office of the Sheriff has a wide variety of volunteer programs that allow the residents of Monterey County to become directly involved with the Sheriff’s Office:

Sheriff’s Advisory Council (SAC)
A non-profit charitable organization whose mission is to assist the Office of the Sheriff in acquiring much needed equipment and training which their annual budget might not provide for. Members are eligible to participate in the in the Sheriff’s Search and Rescue (SAR) and the Sheriff’s Emergency Assistance Team (SEAT). Visit their web site for more information or contact Mickey Taylor email

Search and Rescue (SAR)
Contact Commander Joe Moses at (831) 755-3728. Please visit

Sheriff’s Emergency Assistance Team (SEAT)
Supports the Office of the Sheriff in times of emergencies, evacuations, rescue operations and special events. To be eligible to become a SEAT member, one must pass a background investigation, pass SEAT required training and be current in both CPR and First Aid. Contact SEAT Commander Paul Tran at (831) 757-6251 for membership information.

Sheriff’s Mounted Search Unit
The Monterey County Sheriff Mounted Unit is a mounted horse unit with citizen volunteers, reserve and department coordinators. The unit consists of private citizens who have organized, under the guidance of the Monterey County Sheriff’s Department for the purpose of assisting the Sheriff where horses might be used in a variety of situations.

Aerosquad Reserves
Visit the Aero Squadron’s web page or contact Sergeant Joe Moses at (831) 755-3700.

Neighborhood Watch & Crime Prevention
Please contact a Crime Prevention Specialist in your area for information.

The Chaplain Corps is open to priests, ministers and rabbis that are ordained, have at least five years pastoral experience, and have the support of their respective congregations. The Chaplain Corps provides ministerial services, as requested, to the employees of the Sheriff’s Office, crime victims, and others who may be coping with a loss of a loved one or other tragic situation. For more information, contact Rev. Porter Wells at 663-4661.

Sheriff’s Posse and Posse Ground Information
The Monterey County Sheriff’s Posse is a private non-profit corporation and is not an agency or department of the County of Monterey or the Sheriff’s Office.